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Invisible and Undetectable Spy Software for Windows

The computers are largely used in the household and businesses for different purposes. The kids in the household use the devices for the accomplishment of academic purposes. Whereas, the businesses and employers use the system for achieving operational excellence.

The most widely used computers and PCs are running with windows operating software, which is considered as the most convenient operating system for computers to exist at the planet.

But there are always pros and cons to every situation we get in. The kids using PCs having internet, and using the internet without any supervision of the guardians are prone to be contacted by the cyber criminals.

On the other side, the businesses also facing issues due to excessive usage of PCs by their workers, the working staff remain involved in browsing internet, social media, and a number of employees stream music and videos for long working hours, which badly affect productivity of the employees.

The solution to all the problems of the employers and businesses is the use of windows monitoring software for extensively monitoring employees and kids for improved performances and security.

The best invisible and undetectable windows monitoring application nowadays is TheOneSpy. It has a number of promising monitoring features that are of great significance for parents and employers in many aspects.

Location tracking of PC

It can be a laptop or a PC whose location can be tracked all the way. The location tracking feature allows the parent to know where the child is actually located at certain point of time.

The real time location of the target user is recorded in the form of a log. This log is maintained over the online dashboard of the spy windows monitoring software.

Geo-fencing the movement

The windows monitoring software can be used to restrict the movement of the target user to certain premises. The target user can be allocated and assigned to move into certain areas only.

The windows monitoring software can be used to assign allowed and forbidden areas for the child or employee to move to.

The parent can assign crime prone and criminal localities as the blocked and forbidden areas, every time the target kid wants to get into the restricted and prohibited area, the software notifies the parent about the certain physical activity.

Besides this, the employer can bar the movement of the employee to the competitor’s place, with the bottom line purpose of protecting the business secrets and confidentialities from sharing and spreading outside.

In the same way, every time the employee wants to get in touch with the competitor, the employer can know about the activity from the dashboard and email.

The keylogger

The keylogger feature of the windows monitoring software can be used to identify the passwords of all the installed applications, whether social media applications or other communication messengers.

This is truly amazing, the software identifies the password of all the installed applications by identifying the keystrokes. In this way, the parent and employer gets to know what happens in the real-time over the screen of the PC.

Using this feature, the parent will be able to know if someone tries to bully or harass or push the child. Actually, the problem is that a number of cyber criminals are there who try to harass the child for revealing the financial credentials of the parents, these financial details are then used to gain monetary benefits in many ways.

The internal storage tracking

All the internally stored data and other internal storage details remain in full control of the end-user.

The parent and employer can view and track all the images, videos, and other documents stored over the PC. The windows monitoring software can also find out which applications and software are installed on the target PC.

Monitoring social media

All the chats, images and videos shared, and other social media communication can be easily tracked. The chats can be viewed and tracked remotely, earning the end-user a full into all the dynamics of communication of the target user by all means.


The best invisible and undetectable windows monitoring software that can be used to spy on the kids and employees is TheOneSpy. It has a number of promising features that serve the best